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How to Deal with the Surface of Aluminum Sheet

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After electrophoresis, the anodization acrylic resin is a common paint sprayed directly on the surface of aluminum plate After further washing the furnace baking, weatherability 5-6 years. The current technology has been developed to dull the brilliant film transparent film and color film, more diverse varieties, industrial control and product quality are relatively stable.

After the chemical conversion treatment, including electrostatic spraying liquid electrostatic powder coating and electrostatic spraying, electrostatic spraying liquid fluorocarbon resin in the 1960s, the United States has achieved commercialization. The electrostatic powder coating thermosetting polyester coating, the late 1960s has been commercialized in Europe, currently still dominated by European countries Surface treatment means. Electrostatic powder coating with its various colors, easy to control, environmental protection, excellent performance and other reasons, has become the preferred method for surface treatment in Europe and America.

Fluorocarbon coating is usually the same as its process and polyester paint process, but the composition of its fluorocarbon paint containing fluorocarbon poor adhesion. Therefore, we must be mixed with epoxy resin to increase adhesion, but also because many manufacturers to steal less adverse impact on the market and fluorocarbon content. Treatment before painting aluminum is more important, the need for passivation to ensure the paint and aluminum closely, typical use is the way walls are made of aluminum surface treatment.