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How to Choose Aluminum Plate for Shipbuilding?

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There are four principles for choosing proper aluminum plate for ship building.

Firstly, this alloy should have high elasticity modulus and specific modulus. The structural strength and size of ship body is closely related with the yield strength and elasticity modulus of aluminum plate. Generally speaking, all aluminum alloy keeps similar elasticity modulus and density, so there is little influence on add of alloy elements like magnesium, manganese or silicon. So the only way to reduce the body weight is to increase the yield strength of aluminum plate for shipbuilding. It is hard to keep both good corrosion resistance and weldbility for high strength aluminum alloy. For most of aluminum alloy plate for shipbuilding is in middle strength, but both corrosion resistance and good weldbility.

Secondly, a qualified aluminum plate for shipbuilding should keeps good weldability, which can prevent ship body out of cracking during the welding process. Good weldability means that the formed crack will be the smallest one at large. So a good aluminum plate for shipbuilding should keeps good weldability while it is impossible to restore the weldability by heat retreatment in shipbuilding process. Thirdly, aluminum alloy have excellent corrosion resistance properties to adapt the wet marine environment. Thanks to the complicated treatment process so that aluminum alloy can meet the strictly demand for strength and corrosion resistance in marine environment.

There is a stringent requirement for shipbuilder to choose the proper aluminum plate for shipbuilding. Among all of aluminum alloy form 1000 series to 8000 series, alloy 5083, 5086, 5454, 5754 as well as 6061 can meet people’s requirement.