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How consumers choose trust of aluminum manufacturer?

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How consumers choose trust of aluminum manufacturer?

Materials such as aluminum plate, aluminum coil has a broad consumer market, benefited from the aluminum plate superior performance, many industries will be aluminum plate as a substitute for traditional metal materials products, especially in recent years, aluminum production, rapid sales growth, huge opportunity attracted numerous gold seekers to join, so all kinds of xx aluminum blossom everywhere, many of them are no power, no qualification. They use the convenience of the Internet to mislead customers, unqualified products sold to customers. So, in so many aluminum manufacturer, should be how to choose a regular and comfortable?


1, the presence of three certificates


The business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate, commonly known as enterprise three certificates. When choosing aluminum manufacturer, consumers should take the initiative to ask to see whether the enterprise certificate is complete, the name is consistent, this is the most intuitive whether aluminum manufacturers formal methods.


2, the registered capital


Aluminum manufacturers strength can be directly from the enterprise's registered capital of a look, a registered capital of 10 million enterprise strength nature is much higher than that of a registered capital of only 300000 enterprises.


3, operation time


While running the length of time and aluminum manufacturers strong, formal, there is no direct link, but an enterprise operating in the industry more than 10 years on the professional must be much higher than just established new company.


4, inventory number


Aluminum factory is given priority to with the spot management, as a capital-intensive industry, aluminum factory aluminum spot inventory of how much is the most intuitive manufacturers strength proof. An inventory of over one thousand tons of enterprise compared with less than one hundred tons of inventory enterprises, natural thousand tons more trustworthy.


5, customer word of mouth


As the saying goes, jinbei silver cup as word-of-mouth customers, aluminum manufacturer whether formal credit, to the counterpart, to inquire, a nobody had heard of, or enterprise general evaluation is not high, natural need to be careful in the cooperation.


Haomei aluminum was founded in 1998, the registered capital of 10 million yuan, regular aluminum plate, aluminum spot more than 3000 tons, customers throughout the country, and exported to more than 40 countries and regions.