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How Does Aluminium Packaging foil Facilitate Branding?

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Aluminium Packaging scores high against all these parameters by virtue of being a metal of multiple benefits.

 aluminium cans

 Assured protection:

Aluminium has a high barrier property. So, packaging made of aluminium provides perfect protection against light, oxygen, moisture, odour, and bacteria, thereby increasing shelf-life of the products by many years. It is also non-toxic and rust-resistant, and does not react chemically with most organic products. So, foods wrapped in it remain fresh and retain all their aromas and flavours for long.

Aids product consumption:

Aluminium packaging units are designed in such a way that they can be held easily and opened without putting in too much pulling effort. Aluminium beverage cans, for example, are extremely lightweight and can be opened by simply pulling the easy-to-tear tab openers fixed onto each can. Unlike tinplate seals and closures (the closest competitor of aluminium), the tabs do not cause any cut on the consumer’s body parts as the edges are not too sharp and razor like. Whether it is flexible packaging (foils), semi-rigid packaging or rigid containers, aluminium facilitates hassle-free unpacking of consumables while ensuring zero spillage in sealed condition.

Lightweight yet strong:

The density of aluminium is one third that of steel, 2,700 kg/m3. The low density of aluminium accounts for it being lightweight but this property does not affect its strength. Aluminium foilsare nothing more than aluminium alloy sheets that are between 0.004 and 0.24 mm thick but theyhave tensile strengths of between 70 and 700 MPa!

Aluminium rigid containers too are reasonably sturdy and can withstand moderate to high pressure without giving in.

This is the reason why panels made of aluminium alloys having greater strength are used nowadays in large volumes to make car and truck exteriors and covers ofa wide rangeof handheld electronic devices; aluminium alloys makes the end products strong and scratch resistant while keeping their weights at a minimal level.

Facilitates transportation and easy storage:

The lesser the weight of a stock keeping unit (SKU) the easier it is to transport. Aluminium packaging units, big or small, can be manufactured in large batches, stocked at the warehouses and transported in bulk quantities without worrying about breakage, spillage, or waste of products. The sealed packs can also be stored for the stipulated period of time without any value being eroded.

High on aesthetics:

Aluminium is the second most malleable metal in the world, and when alloyed with other metals it becomes all the more formable.  Due to such high formability, aluminium alloy sheets can be used to craft beverage or aerosol cans of novel, dynamic shapes and sizes. With concave bottoms, rounded edges, and bold rims the aluminium beverage cans and aerosol cans bring out the essence of the brands they represent in the best possible way. Aluminium foil too has an appeal of its own. Its suave, silvery glitter makes any wrap look classy and reliable for food packaging.