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Haomei aluminum catches the new trend to help car lightweigh

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Automotive body with materials, including the highest content of copper, the hardness is also higher in the 2000 series, mainly magnesium, also known as "aluminum-magnesium alloy" of the 5000 series, high magnesium silicon content, corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance 6000 series, the different parts of the car body will use different series of models of plates, profiles, pipe and high-performance aluminum and other aluminum alloy materials.

The technical path of lightweight vehicle:
The realization of the main lightweight car has the following three ways, the organic combination of three ways and reasonable use, in order to control costs, to ensure that the cost of the car under the premise of the effective realization of the car's lightweight. The use of lightweight manufacturing processes such as laser welding, high pressure forming, structural adhesive and so on
Light weight does not mean reducing vehicle safety and performance. The optimization of the design and the improvement of the manufacturing process will help improve the safety, and the use of lightweight materials in the rigidity and strength is better. The car crash and the wrong concept to be shielded, and the safety of the car cannot be the severity of the car and the thickness of the sheet metal cover to a simple measure, the car is not equal to the safety of crash is good.
Finally, the car lightweight is to reduce the weight of the body from many aspects, not just the body material replacement. Since its establishment in 1997, Haomei Aluminum has focused on the research and development, production and sales of aluminum plates, belts and foils. The products are sold at home and abroad and have a high reputation.