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Haomei aluminum 鈥搕he first selection for bottle cap mater

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Aluminum bottle cover material is widely used in the packaging of products, because aluminum has good oxidation resistance, in the aluminum surface to form a layer of dense oxide film, a good protection of the product's original physical properties, good sealing, To ensure that the product does not contact with the outside world. A simple introduction to several of our usual life in the aluminum bottle cover material.
Henan Ming tai Aluminum Co. Ltd. main material of aluminum alloy for bottle cap is 1060, 8011, 3105, 3104 and so on. The main states are H14, H16, H18, etc. Commonly used bottle cap material thickness range of 0.15mm-0.5mm, the width of 200 - 1500mm, thickness tolerance of + 0.005mm, width range tolerance + 1mm. Ming Tai Aluminum alloy grade is mainly used in the manufacture of medicinal bottle cap, mainly used in the infusion bottle closed port, the thickness of the range of 0.018-0.04mm, with good sealing. The cap material 5052 alloy, mainly used in the bottle, 5 mg alloy elements, the hardness relatively slightly better than other alloys, used in cans, a good solution to the deformation of cans during transport bumping and ensure the appearance of. In addition to the 3105 alloy 3 series is mainly used in the cosmetics bottle, with producers in the appearance of a big effort, make different shapes, painted bright colors, crafted in high-end cosmetics is also a good choice.