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Haomei 6063 Aluminum alloy plate for electric fuel pump manu

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In the car structure, the oil pump is a fine processing, manufacturing process complex parts, modern cars using a variety of different gasoline injection system, their fuel supply is also different, but must have an electric fuel pump, its main task Is to supply fuel system enough and have a certain pressure of fuel.

Haomei is heat-treated reinforced aluminum alloy, with moderate strength, corrosion resistance, no stress corrosion cracking tendency, can be used as an electric fuel pump material. In all the electric fuel pump material, the use of aluminum alloy fuel pump is the lightest weight, very consistent with the current trend of light weight of the car.
6063 aluminum plasticity is good, easy to shape, can be very good to meet the complex structure of the pump structure of the shape needs. Haomei in the production process, pay great attention to the quality of the product to protect the alloy after the heat treatment still has good performance, in addition, the production of 6063 aluminum plate flat, no burr, tower, oil, bright line Such as flaws.
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