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Haomei 5A06 aluminum sheet for high quality aircraft fuel ta

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Whether it is a car or a plane, its power comes from energy liquid consumption, and the container that loads the energy liquid is called the tank.

The fuel tank can be divided into open tank and closed tank. The tank must have a large enough volume; suction pipe and return pipe should be inserted below the minimum level to prevent air and oil splash to produce bubbles; The distance between the suction pipe and the return pipe should be as far as possible, and the partition plate should be provided. In order to keep the oil clean, the tank should be sealed around the cover, the cover is equipped with air filter; tank bottom should be more than l50mm from the ground; on the tank surface corrosion treatment should be given full attention.
And the aircraft in the course of the flight of energy consumption, choose the production of fuel tank material is very important, the use of production tank, increase the fuel tank volume, storage of more fuel for the aircraft to provide long-term flight protection; density, light weight, reduce the weight of the aircraft, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
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