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Haomei 5754 aluminum sheet helps the car body lightweight ma

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The automotive industry is booming at the same time, due to the needs of environmental protection and energy saving, automotive lightweight has become the world's automobile development trend. As a lightweight material with a variety of excellent performance, aluminum alloy has become the first choice for the development of automotive lightweight technology.

The main aluminum plate of Haomei for car body lightweight is 5754 , which has great advantages performance:
1, plate and size of high precision, good welding performance;
2, high strength, high formability, high corrosion resistance and high surface treatment;
3, the use of single-sided polishing, surface finish high, high security, energy absorption buffer obvious advantages;
At present, Haomei Aluminum Company produces for car door, and the product quality meets the quality and standard requirements of similar products in foreign countries. It completely replaces the import and achieves the goal of product stereotyping and mass production. The production process and quality assurance system. For the car body of the lightweight and made a contribution to the localization of materials.
In addition, except for 5754 aluminum plate, there are other aluminum plate products which contribute to car lightweight, such as 6082 aluminum and 6061 aluminum. With the expansion of the application of international aluminum alloy superplastic production, especially the increasing demand for complex parts such as rail transit, high-end cars and luxury cars, the application prospect of automobile lightweight is very broad.