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Haomei 5754 aluminum alloy sheet for engine cover manufacutu

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Modern society has become a convenient way that many people would like to buy a car of their own. One of the parts of the car that a car buyer often looks at is the hood of the car, and it is also known as the hood. The main requirements of the engine cover are thermal insulation, light weight and strong rigidity. is fully in line with its requirements, and now many car manufacturers will choose to produce aluminum alloy car cover.

The structure of the engine cover is composed of a heat insulating material, and the inner plate is used to enhance the rigidity. The geometry is chosen by the manufacturer, which is basically a skeleton. In simple terms, the main body of the engine to support the body cavity is the engine cylinder body, and it is the top of the cylinder head. One side of the cylinder cover and the piston and the cylinder body are composed of the combustion chamber of gasoline combustion. On the other hand, it can be used to install fixed timing system, fuel injection system, ignition system and other components. The largest part of the weight of the engine is the cylinder block and cylinder head, so they are a major part of the light of the quantitative point of view.
The 5754 aluminum sheet produced by has many advantages, such as high precision and good welding performance. Aluminum sheet has high strength, good formability, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Using 5754 aluminum alloy engine cover, the use of time will be longer, economic and environmental protection.