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Haomei 3003 aluminum plate making lithium power battery shel

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Lithium iron battery is a kind of cell in the lithium battery family. Lithium iron battery working principle and performance characteristics of lithium iron battery is the full name of lithium iron phosphate lithium ion battery, because of its performance is particularly suitable for the application of power, it is also called it "lithium iron battery"
Lithium iron battery is 2000 by the United States after the push out and get Eveready company new green energy chemical power market success, in the electronic equipment used in high energy high power supply needed and electric toys, shows excellent performance. The discharge time of lithium iron battery is about 6 times higher than that of alkaline manganese battery. Compared with nickel metal hydride batteries, the discharge voltage platform has a significant advantage in storage time.
In general, the lithium iron battery has the following advantages:
1, and alkaline manganese battery interchangeability, in any use can and alkaline zinc manganese battery;
2, with longer working hours and higher and higher operating voltage, especially in the discharge of more than moderate current;
3, green power, do not use any mercury, chromium, lead and other toxic substances;
4, storage performance, can be placed for up to 10 years.
The shell of the lithium iron power battery can be made of , which can increase the conductivity of the power battery by using the 3003 aluminum plate. At the same time, the density of aluminum is small, and the increase of lithium battery capacity, safety performance and stability is better.
With the increasing awareness of environmental protection in the world, the development trend of electric power car is getting better and better, the market of power battery made of aluminum alloy will be expanded. Haomei aluminum constantly improve their technology, production department is more suitable for power battery shell aluminum alloy.