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Haomei 3003 aluminum plate for building industry constructio

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With the development of economy, the building industry welcomes a bright future during the period. Also, every time improvements the material of adaptation in this industry are all confirmed the progress of science and technology. Henan Haomei Aluminum 3003 aluminum plate is widely used in the construction field, because the aluminum alloy has good corrosion resistance, sufficient strength, excellent process performance and welding performance. 
for the AL-Mn alloy, is the most widely used a rust-proof aluminum, 3003 aluminum plate strength is not high (slightly higher than the industrial aluminum), cannot heat treatment to strengthen, so the use of cold processing methods to improve its mechanical properties: In the annealing state has a high plasticity, in the semi-cold hardening plasticity is still good, cold hardening when the plastic low, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, cutting performance.

Haomei construction area with 3003 aluminum manufacturing advantages;
1.       Non - reversible four - roll mill, control board quality
Cold rolling mill with four-roll irreversible, the machine configuration work roll bending roll device, can quickly adjust the roll crown, change the contact pressure distribution between the roll to achieve the purpose of control plate. Production of products on the surface of good quality, high precision, will not produce deformation. Production range: processing thickness 0.6-12mm, processing width 850-1700mm.
2.       Strip entry design, to create the perfect version type
The industry's leading Italian pull-straightening machine, the machine's strip inlet system, uses the design of the strip through the tub to ensure a good plate type, no scratches, vibration marks and surface defects.
3.       Flying scissors ruler accurate, sheet surface neatly
According to the aluminum flatness of the characteristics of different degrees, a separate online adjustment leveling machine support roller motor, leveling on-line adjustable. You can adjust the edge side of the line to achieve the best results so far to ensure that the product cut neatly, accurate specifications. Flying shear can be produced as follows: processing width 800-1800mm, processing thickness 0.5-5.0mm, processing length 600-8000mm.