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Haomei 1050 aluminum plate making heat exchanger manufacutue

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A heat exchanger (also known as a heat exchanger or heat exchanger) is a device used to transfer heat from a hot fluid to a cold fluid to meet the specified process requirements. Heat exchangers can be classified in different ways. According to the operation of the process can be divided into wall type, mixed type, heat storage (or back to the hot type) three categories; according to the surface of the compact can be divided into compact and non compact type of two.
The heat exchanger can be made of 1050 aluminum plates, and the has good corrosion resistance. The heat exchanger made of aluminum material has a better heat transfer effect, and the 1050 aluminum alloy plate has good antirust effect and prolongs the service life of the heat exchanger.

Haomei aluminum as a professional aluminum foil manufacturers, production of 1050 aluminum plate has its own advantages.
1, with excellent forming characteristics, high corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity;
2, long service life, low cost, and high recovery value;
3, 1050 aluminum processing technology is mature, the price relative to other high-grade aluminum alloy has a huge advantage;
4, with semi continuous casting production line 6, continuous casting and rolling production line of 10, other large-scale processing equipment of 44 units, the annual output of up to 450 thousand tons;