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For you to introduce Haomei 8021-0 state cold forming drug f

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Medicinal as a new type of drug packaging is more and more appear in people's daily lives.
In foreign medicinal aluminum foil has been nearly 60 years of history, compared with developed countries, China's packaging aluminum is still at a relatively low level. According to media reports in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, the proportion of the estimated annual increase of 2% in this year's packaging demand growth rate will reach 30.9%, we will approximate it that the demand for medicinal aluminum foil growth rate of medicinal aluminum foil demand and this year is 9.34 million Ton.
is the representative of Thailand's medicinal aluminum foil products. 8021-O form of cold-formed aluminum foil, after deep drawing after the compression molding as a closed packaging. So it has strong mechanical properties, anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance; excellent moisture resistance, shading and high barrier capacity; surface clean, uniform color, no pattern, no oil, Bacteria, mold and many other tests, heavy metals do not exceed 0.55 million, strict implementation of industry standards to ensure safety and health.

At present, Haomei Aluminum's medicinal aluminum foil is widely used in daily life. It is mainly used for bagging of pharmaceutical capsules, tablets and so on, as well as powder granules and bag-like packaging. With the technical update and market expansion, the drug foil will usher in a broader market opportunities, Haomei will continue to progress, sustainable development, domestic and foreign pharmaceutical foil market to add brilliant.