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Development of Aluminum Slug

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Aluminum Slug, a kind of common industrial material, is also called aluminum pellets or aloxite. With the aluminum content of 99%, these aluminum slug are cylindrical-shaped on the whole with a shiny surface after repeated wire drawing, cutting and grinding. They are usually used on the surfaces of aluminum or zinc in industrial production as well as some thin-wall workpieces.
About the Purposes of haomei Aluminum slug
Today, haomei aluminum slug are widely used. They are often employed to process and treat the surfaces of aluminum castings, copper castings and iron castings; they can be used to sand and process all sorts of metal. For example, when there are granules or burrs on the surface of a casting, aluminum slug can be used to sand blast and polish until the object being processed takes on a shiny and illuminate look. The aluminum slug can be used together with stainless steel sand and cast stainless steel shots and the utensil polished with the mixed slugs is more lustrous.

About the Development
In recent years, along with the changes in both the government needs and China’s economic situation, the aluminum industry has entered a new status in which we have seen the effectively handled market expansion and the prominently declining sales volumes.
The heavy use of aluminum slug in China has achieved excellent effect. It has been proved economical in the process of using and will face more opportunities of higher market investments in the future.

about haomei
haomei aluminium Slug is both a Aluminum Slug manufacturer and supplier with 18 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality, and we are certificated to CCS (China Classification Society) and DVN GL (Norske Veritas), guaranteeing the quality of our Aluminum Slug lives to national standards. haomei aluminum  can manufacture Aluminum Slug  with many tempers, such as O, H32, H34, H112, H116, H321, etc., and it can be cut to size at customers’ need.