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Development Of Haomei Aluminum Medicinal Aluminum Foil manu

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Medicinal products are relatively high value-added products, because it is used to package drugs, so the national standard is also rising, which on the production technology has a higher demand. Many small manufacturers do not have the technology, they can not product medicinal aluminum foil. Medicinal foil manufacturers are mostly large-scale manufacturers.
In Henan, medicinal aluminum foil is one of the core products of a series of aluminum foil product, many large manufacturers can meet the national standards. Such as the Henan region aluminum foil production leading enterprises - Haomei Aluminum, over the past years, Haomei as a excellent medicine , the quality of product is reliable, stable performance, occupy more and more market share, shipments once ranked Industry forefront.
With years of market development and process improvement, Haomei Aluminum production and sales continue to increase, many large packaging companies through market research and word of mouth, direct contact Haomei Aluminum cooperation, many old customers still have close cooperation over the years, mutual benefit and win-win. Superior performance coupled with caring service, Haomei aluminum industry's reputation is getting better and better, received numerous praise. Haomei Aluminum become a representative of high-quality medicinal aluminum foil.