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Detailed classification and definition of the state of alumi

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Detailed classification and definition of the state of aluminum sheet

The basic state of aluminum plate is divided into 5 kinds, namely, F, O, H, T, W, these 5 states represent the 5 kinds of processing technology and stage of the aluminum plate, the different state of the aluminum plate, the performance and price will be very different. When buying aluminum only know the brand and do not know the state, not only may buy the wrong, but also be bad businesses to deceive. So, what's the meaning of the 5 states?

F state

F state is also called free processing, mechanical and chemical properties of F state aluminum is not clearly defined. The purchase of F state aluminum general customers have special requirements on the performance of aluminum, in the procurement will need their own work hardening and heat treatment, get the mechanical and chemical properties.

O state

O state, also known as the state of complete annealing, O state without subdivision, on behalf of the only after full annealing, to obtain the lowest strength of aluminum products.

O state aluminum plate

H state

H state, also known as the state of work hardening, on behalf of the processing hardening to improve the strength of the aluminum sheet. H States there are many segments, such as the H18 state, 1 and 8 behind the first digit represents the treatment process: 1 is the hardening of 2 after processing incomplete annealing, annealing temperature is 3 after processing; second digits represent the lowest hardness: 1-8, 1, the 8 highest.

T state

T state refers to the state of the heat treatment of aluminum, the aluminum plate after processing to achieve stability. T state has a breakdown state, represents a different processing technology, the state from T0 to T10. In the T state, the Tx51 represents the elimination of internal stress, such as the T6 state, and the elimination of internal stress, which is expressed as T651.

W state

W state refers to the solid solution heat treatment state, W state is an unstable state, said that after the solid solution treatment, at room temperature in the natural aging, W state only said aluminum in the natural aging phase.