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Comparison of aluminum alloy template with traditional templ

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At present, the domestic building templates are more traditional in the following categories:

1) the most traditional wood template, the more common is the poplar template and pine template, this template is relatively light, the cost is slightly lower, but the durability is not too good, and the recycling rate is very low.
2) steel formwork, as the name suggests is steel, the intensity is very large, but the weight is too heavy, re-use is good, the cost is extremely high. The following are the same as the "Plastic template, not afraid of water, low cost, durable, but the strength is not enough.
Compared to the above three kinds of traditional templates,  and re-use far more than the first three common templates, high strength and light weight, nor rust, suitable for the South and some tide place. The most important is the aluminum template assembled after a pouring, if it is the same floor, like a district as repeat the floor, the use of , duration and price advantage is obvious. And patchwork is very fine, very beautiful wall, the late decoration is also very convenient.