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Classification of aluminum products and the main forming met

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Classification of aluminum products and the main forming method of aluminium plate

The application scope of aluminum is more and more wide, and the market prospect of aluminum is more and more valued. With the increase in the number of practitioners, the shortcomings of the lack of knowledge of the domestic industry's aluminum industry began to emerge, following, let us do something about the popularity of aluminum knowledge.

Classification of aluminum products in the market:

Aluminum ingot: ordinary aluminum ingots, refined aluminum, plate, alloy ingot, billet split etc.;

Aluminum material: aluminum, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum forging, aluminum etc.;

Casting Aluminum Alloy: casting aluminum alloy, wire rod, wire rod, cable etc.;

Various types of aluminum products: daily life, all kinds of aluminum products, etc..

Forged aluminum wheels

Forged aluminum wheels

The main forming methods of aluminum plate include: casting forming, forging forming, plastic forming and deep processing.

Casting method: use good fluidity and filling of aluminum solution, at a certain temperature, speed and external conditions, the solution of aluminum casting to a variety of models, in order to obtain the required shape and microstructure and properties of aluminum, aluminum coil.

Method: forging forming of metal billets (excluding aluminum) force is applied, to produce plastic deformation, changes in size, shape and performance improvement, used in the manufacture of mechanical parts, workpiece, tool or blank forming method.

The plastic forming method with good plasticity of aluminum and Aluminum Alloy, at a certain temperature and velocity conditions, applying various forms of force, overcome resistance for metal deformation, the plastic deformation processing method, resulting in a variety of switches, size and properties of aluminum sheet, aluminum strip, aluminum coil, aluminum, aluminum rod, aluminum forging etc..

Deep processing method: casting moulding or plastic molding obtained semi-finished products through further, mechanical or electrical machining, welding or other bonding, shearing, punching, stretching and bending methods such as surface treatment or surface modification method, processed into finished parts or components.