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Causes of aluminum surface of orange peel and eliminating me

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Sometimes aluminum surface wrinkles appear orange peel shape after stretching, actually this is aluminum surface metal by generated when the stress is greater than the substrate metal surface layer of metal rupture (grain crushing), if continue to strength, it until its excellent matrix fracture stress.

The reason of aluminum surface of the orange peel defect:

General aluminum surface of the orange peel defect reason is the large amount of aluminum stretching when stretching. In general wall thickness is thicker, the shorter the section length, in order to guarantee the straightness of the profiles, prevent twisting, the more easy to appear when artificially increase the amount of stretch.

Aluminum surface of the orange peel defect elimination method:

(a) : the flexible twisting of aluminum to strengthen repair mode, control aluminum straight degree.

(2) : increase the traction in aluminum extrusion is still hot, the discharging on the stage of thermal profile to adopt top, corrective measures such as pressure (note that prevents deformation profiles

(3) : aluminum stretching rate control, in order to ensure the surface quality of the straightness of give attention to two or morethings, stretching, strictly control the bending within the limit requirements of the customer.

(4) : control the aluminum stretching rate, surface quality, to ensure that both the straightness profile stretched at both ends and stop printing deformation part cut off more.