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Brushed aluminum coil technical requirements

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Brushed aluminum coil technical requirements

1, brushed aluminum roll surface should be processing, good colour
 and lustre is uniform, smooth, bright and clean.

2, brushed aluminum roll surface are not allowed to have cracks, porosity,
 embossing, fold, crease, slag, metal and non-metallic pressure into the pits,
gravure, caused by corrosion, pit, loose dendritic pattern.

3, there is no obvious horizontal stripes (marks), black, black, dark stripes
 obviously, oil pollution, clear off color, bright, clean effect use of defects
such as scratches.More than

4, in the process of cold rolling found panel with quality problems, must
determine is single side or double side defect, in principle is to require
both sides cannot be flawed.If one side may not roll in when defects in
quality inspection confirmed to continue production, but it must be indicated
 on the production card which side defect, the process how to production.

5, coil end there is no crack edge, burr, knock against injury, unfolds
 falbala and sickle bending is not permitted.

6, coil should be bound tightly, do not allow the loose volume,
there is no joint.

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