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Brief introduction of 5086 marine aluminum plate manufacutu

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Aluminum ship has been used in the shipbuilding industry has been nearly a hundred years of history, with the domestic and international shipbuilding industry by leaps and bounds to develop, the ship's lightweight more and more attention,due to the low density of aluminum, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance, The use of aluminum-built ships and ships constructed from steel or other synthetic materials reduced the weight by 15-20%.
is Al-Mg-Si alloy, the use of a wide range of good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, cold workability is good, and has a moderate strength.

main alloy element is magnesium, has a good forming processability, corrosion resistance, weldability, medium strength, used to manufacture the ship's hull, deck, console and so on.
5086 aluminum plate is the most widely used in a rust-proof aluminum, this alloy of high strength, especially with anti-fatigue strength: plastic and corrosion resistance is high, cannot be  heat treatment to strengthen, in the semi-cold hardening plastic is still good, cold hardening Low plasticity, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor cutting performance, can be polished.
5086 aluminum alloy performance advantages
1, high corrosion resistance, with moderate strength, with good weldability;
2, low density, high tensile strength, high elongation;
3, aluminum surface without oil spots, no waves, no scratches, no roll, trimming neat, no burr;
4, the company 1 + 1 hot-rolled production line completed and put into production, advanced technology and equipment, technology is mature, the production of 5086 aluminum plate and foreign material performance quite.
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