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Brief Introduction of Cable Aluminum Foil

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Cable aluminum foil is aluminum foil that coated a layer of thin film. The film can protect cable from correction. What’s more, it can also protect signs from leaking. Cable aluminum foil is mainly 1235 aluminum alloy and 8011 aluminum alloy, and main tempers are O (soft temper) and H18. Generally speaking, the thicknesses of 8011 aluminum foil is 0.1 mm, 0.15 mm or 0.2 mm, while the thicknesses of 1235 are from 0.025 mm to 0.05 mm. The average width is 500mm, and the length is required, 2050 mm or 3050 mm is the most common ones in domestic, and for export, it is over 4000 mm.

The quality requirement of cable aluminum foil is none of oil and dust on the surface. If there is oil or dust, the effect of film will be worse. Besides, there should be no holes. if there are holes on surface, the aluminum product will break in the middle, thus, the length is too short and the efficiency will be decreased. Besides, cable aluminum foil also should have high mechanical property. The processing fee of cable aluminum foil is depended on the thickness and temper. The thinner the foil is, the higher the price will be. And the price of O temper is higher than H18 temper.

Cable aluminum foil has a vast application for its characteristics above. Firstly, it is perfect for sign wire, because it can shield signals, protect wire from radiation, static and other factors than will do harm to wires. The thickness has something to do with shield effect. Generally speaking, if interference source has a frequency within 1GHZ, then it is hard to penetrate cable aluminum foil with thickness of 0.038 mm. Of course, the shield effect of aluminum foil is weaker compared to winding, and winding is weaker compared to knit. However, knit and aluminum foil is simultaneous.