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Beverage packaging materials - aluminum cans manufacutuers a

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Cans are now the most commonly used beverage packaging materials. Aluminum cans are mainly composed of three different components of aluminum alloy combination: 3004 aluminum alloy tank, 5052 aluminum alloy cans, 5182 aluminum alloy pull ring. Aluminum alloy is the key to the can, the tank is not formed, the mouth can not pull the mouth can not pull the aluminum problem.

Cans with aluminum cans are mainly used in the 3004 alloy, 3004l aluminum alloy is 3003 aluminum plate of the alloy, formability, solubility, corrosion resistance are good, and more for the processing needs of a good forming performance, high corrosion resistance Good solderability products. As the aluminum itself has a good antioxidant, for the tank cans very good to prevent the carbonated drinks on the tank oxidation and corrosion.
5052 aluminum alloy and belong to the same aluminum-magnesium alloy, have good corrosion resistance, weldability, cold workability is good, and with moderate strength, polished surface is very bright. But 5182 aluminum alloy compared to 5052 alloy magnesium content is high, and add a small amount of silicon, so the weldability than to be better, so 5052 aluminum alloy for tank cover, 5182 alloy for pull ring.
Henan Haomei Aluminum is a professional production of 3004 cans with aluminum, 5052 cans with aluminum and 5182 pull ring with aluminum processing aluminum manufacturers, products sold at home and abroad, praised by the majority of customers.