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Application of Haomei 5052 aluminum alloy manufacutuers and

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5052 aluminum plate was a representative of the 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy products, and the popular product to customers. 5052 aluminum alloy plate is the most widely used kind of anti-rust aluminum plate, high strength, certain resistance to fatigue strength product with good plasticity, decay resistance to corrosion, not heat treatment, easy to weld and polished.
Haomei aluminum 5052 aluminium alloy plate with quick delivery, quality, large scale quickly occupied the market.  At this time of processing fee is controlled in ten thousand yuan. Later, as the rapid development of domestic aluminum processing, industry competition intensifies, saturation factors such as market demand, the domestic aluminum enterprises began to competition to play the "price war", and more than in the north and the south spread aluminum companies, have intensified trend

Applications of 5052 alloy aluminium:
1. Large electronic casing: notebook computers, televisions, air-conditioner etc.
2. Small electronic casing: handheld devices, mobile phones etc.
3. Automobile equipments: fuel tanks, air reservoir.
4. Ship equipments: steering rooms, chimneys, decks etc.