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Application of 7075 Aluminum Alloy in Airplane Frame manufac

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Aluminum alloy in the aircraft structure is very widely used, it is because the aluminum alloy of light weight, high strength, easy processing, well satisfied with the design of the aircraft in the design requirements of a high specific strength and specific stiffness, reduce the aircraft structure Weight requirements. Ming Tai production of  has a good processing performance, easy to shape, is the aircraft frame with aluminum quality choice.
The aircraft frame is the longitudinal frame of the aircraft body, is an important component of the fuselage, there is ordinary box and strengthens the box of the points. Ordinary box is to maintain the cross-sectional shape of the fuselage, usually designed for the ring frame, the skin and long truss play a supporting role; strengthen the frame at the ends of the fuselage openings, in addition to the function of ordinary box, The load on the mass force and the load on the other parts are spread by the joint force transmitted to the fuselage structure to pass the skin to the skin.

is heat treatment enhanced high-end aluminum alloy, in recent years, Haomei uphold the development of innovation, speed up the upgrading of industrial structure concept, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment, research and development of new processing technology to produce 7075 aluminum machinery good performance, with high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, its use in the aircraft frame, can be a good meet the aircraft's quality requirements.
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