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Application of 2024 aluminum alloy in aircraft skin manufacu

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The plane was one of the most important inventions of the early twentieth Century, and was recognized by the American Wright brothers. They carried out in December 17, 1903 as a "continuous flight powered flight" controlled the first heavier than air aircraft by the International Aviation Association (FAI) recognized by the same year, they founded the "Wright aircraft company".In modern life, the aircraft has become an important means of transport, convenient for people to travel.
Aircraft skin is the appearance of a metal layer with good aerodynamic characteristics. The role of the aircraft skin is to maintain the shape of the aircraft, so that it has a good aerodynamic characteristic. The skin under the role of air power will force transmitted to the wing fuselage frame. On the complex stress, and the skin direct contact with the outside world, it requires not only the skin material of high strength, good plasticity, also requires a smooth surface, high corrosion resistance.

The use of fully meet the performance requirements of aircraft, 2024 aluminum plate belongs to a kind of Al-Cu-Mg alloys, as the heat treatment strengthening aluminum alloy, the fatigue strength has the advantages of high heat resistance, good strength, low density and high, widely used in aviation, aerospace and other fields.
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