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Application of 2014 Aluminum Plate in Truck Wheel manufacutu

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2014 aluminum alloy from the composition that is hard and belong to the forging aluminum alloy, compared with the 2A50, because the copper content is higher, so the higher strength, heat strength is better, but in the hot state of plastic as 2A50 good , 2014 aluminum alloy has a good machinability, contact welding, spot welding and roll welding performance is good, arc welding and gas welding performance is poor; can be heat treatment to strengthen, there is extrusion effect; corrosion resistance is not high, artificial time check Corrosion tendency. It is used in applications requiring high strength and hardness (including high temperature), also known as 2 series of military aluminum, applications such as: heavy forgings, thick plates and extruded materials for aircraft structural parts, multi-stage rocket first stage fuel tank Spacecraft parts, wheels, truck frame and suspension system parts.

Haomei Aluminum production "1 + 1" ultra wide, ultra-thick aluminum production line, test production of 2014 aluminum, a good mechanical properties, the intensity of large processing, small density, can be used for light structural materials; Strength of 400-500MPa, alloy heat resistance, anti-fatigue better. At present, the domestic 2, high-end aluminum production capacity is insufficient, many industries 2 series of aluminum belt dependent on foreign imports. As the domestic aluminum processing giant, Haomei unveiled two series of aluminum market, and want to 2 series of large-scale production, to promote the domestic to explore the high-end aluminum market laid the foundation.
Haomei as a domestic aluminum foil with the pilot, to provide customers with a full range of quality assurance system, from raw material procurement of aluminum ingots, to the production aspects of the layers of inspection, and then to the factory before the quality of testing, to provide customers with 360 degrees Worry about quality packaging, to achieve a one-stop shopping around the world worry-free.