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Application and demand of Haomei 5182 tanker aluminum plate

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Tank cars as important logistics equipment, is widely used in the automotive industry.
Tank is the core of each tanker business, and tanker material is the main reference factor for customers to choose high quality tankers, as for Haomei Al, has been widely appraised by customers.

1.      Application advantages
Aluminum alloy density is small, high strength. The use of relative to carbon steel tanker lighter weight, reducing the transport process of fuel consumption and wear on the tire, thereby reducing the daily operating costs and maintenance costs; aluminum corrosion resistance, improve tank life; With recyclability, high recovery rate. Can be used in tankers, natural gas tankers, cement tankers and so on. Applicable to the tanker body with aluminum is mainly 5 series and 6 series related products. 5 series is magnesium as the main alloying elements of aluminum alloy, 6 series is magnesium, silicon as the main alloying elements and Mg 2Si phase for the strengthening phase of aluminum alloy, including the main alloy grades include: 5052 aluminum, 5083 aluminum, 5754 aluminum, 6061 aluminum plate and 6082 aluminum plate.
2.      Haomei tanker aluminum manufacturing advantages
a.       1 + 4 hot continuous rolling production line strong productivity;
China's largest private aluminum processing listed companies, the first domestic independent research and development (1 +4) hot-rolled production lines, with advanced production equipment, with semi-continuous casting production line 6, continuous casting and rolling production line 10, other large-scale processing equipment 44 units for the aluminum plate to provide a basis for large-scale production, the annual output reached 450,000 tons
b.      Production line layer of quality inspection is the protection of product quality
 The good performance of the product began in the production line on the layers of quality inspection, and the Haomei people uphold the professional sense of responsibility. Haomei quality inspection center under the industry's most advanced quality inspection laboratory: chemical analysis laboratory, oil analysis laboratory, spectral analysis laboratory, tensile laboratory, micro-analysis laboratory, strict control of production materials, Strict monitoring of production processes, so that every product has become the pride of Haomei people.
c.       Strong scientific research strength to win customers respect and praise
313 technical team of experts, including 24 senior engineers, 73 engineers. Professional R & D team, for the quality of products provides strong protection. At the same time with the school enterprises to cooperate in research and development of innovative products, help Haomei transformation and development.