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Aluminum sheet prices

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Aluminum sheet prices are no longer limited to the main reason for the aluminum sheet application

Once upon a time, aluminum plate as a kind of excellent performance of metal materials, by the industry, but because the aluminum price is too high, greatly limits the application of aluminum plate; With the development of electrolytic aluminum in countries, aluminum production capacity expanded dramatically in recent years, the subsequent, is falling aluminum prices, price increasing. Today, we can say clearly, aluminum price is no longer limited to the main factors of aluminum plate used.


Through continuous expansion, China's aluminum production capacity has been ranked the first place, we can be proud of say: China is the first big aluminum plate production capacity. But not strong, want to become mature, China's aluminum market still needs the customer the following problems:


1, the enterprise too much fish in troubled waters


Because of the rapid development of the aluminum market, huge opportunity attracted a large number of investors, a lot of people are holding the speculative psychology into this industry, seek to maximize the interests of a short period of time, rather than long-term interests. So industry constantly cheating, many companies shoddy, genuine, malodorous lead to domestic aluminum market, customers of domestic aluminum manufacturers generally distrust.


2, small volume of aluminum manufacturer


Compared with Europe and the United States and Russia and other countries of the aluminum plate manufacturers, China's aluminum production factory scale is generally small, while blossoming, seems to be busy, but often several the capacity of the enterprise, also need not the somebody else a scale. Small, means that the research and development strength is weak, unable to compete with foreign counterparts, can only rely on price war, by lower the price of aluminum plate for market share.


3, the lack of production of high-end aluminum plate technology


At present many domestic manufacturers using imported aluminum production equipment, widely used in Europe and the elimination of the production line, can only processing ordinary 1, 3, 5, 6, aluminum plate, aluminum plate price is not high, low profit margins; Many industries, such as military, aerospace, aviation, etc., still needs a large number of imported foreign aluminum plate, a large amount of profits earned by foreign manufacturer.


4, homogenized competition and falling profits


Serious excess capacity, and high degree of product homogeneity, let China aluminum harsh market competition environment, manufacturers in order to survive, have to compete on price, cause the decline in margins, in recent years, more nearly half aluminum manufacturer of losses.


Above, has replaced the aluminum price factors, become the most main factors limiting the development of Chinese aluminum industry.