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Aluminum plate by sea should pay attention to what issues?

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Aluminum plate by sea should pay attention to what issues?

China's economic growth is slowing, aluminum supply capacity, prices, more than half of the aluminum manufacturers operating losses; In order to stimulate economic growth, ensuring growth, the Chinese government introduced a number of measures to boost growth, one is to encourage exports, in terms of aluminum industry, the government is implementing aluminum products export tax rebate policy, encourage domestic aluminum manufacturer to go out and dissolve the capacity through exports.


With the growing of the aluminum exports, all sorts of problems also rise to the surface, the following, we are on the aluminum plate shipping problems which should be paid attention to:


1, to start with packaging. Shipping don't have to land and ocean environments, changeable, the wind waves are hard to avoid, so aluminum packaging must be sealed tightly, protected and thoughtful. We have come across several container into the water and make the aluminum plate was soaked, or aluminum plate collision damage of extrusion happen. So, aluminum factory packing should be wary of foreign trade products, how to pay attention to too much.


2, the second label accurately. On aluminum packaging, be sure to stick labels, such as product name, type, quantity, producing area, convenient check number, and convenient to check customs clearance.


3, to determine the shipping date. Ocean than land, 10 days, or even 20 days drift in the sea is very normal, so, for, to the port of departure time must be repeated confirmation, to remind the customer to declare customs clearance in time, don't delay.


4, determine the port of call in their countries. When a country's harbor is numerous, chartering, must determine whether the dock port convenient customer pick up the goods in advance and transport.


5, determine the national holiday. Christmas holiday in many countries, such as Europe and the United States, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, production will be affected, so want to advance prevention, reduce the impact.