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Aluminum plastic composite panel can make 3D pattern

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With the emergence of the film and television of the 3 D effect, the art of decorate wall also rose to the 3 D effect,
aluminum-plastic plate is now able to make 3 D effect.

The wood grain aluminum plastic composite panel  has been to produce three-dimensional layout effect, its simple
natural smooth texture, colour and lustre is clear, it is to keep the natural disposition of natural wood grain, and bring
 to life a natural sense of affinity.Now used for decorating  exterior and internal wall  at the commercial places, and the
integration of decorate a style, coordinate produce beauty, give a person infinite comfortable feeling, give a person a
kind of vivid, such as immersive feel.

Now the three-dimensional imitation wood grain Aluminum plastic composite panel can be customized according to
demand, as the development of aluminum industry new set sail.

3D wood aluminum composite panel

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