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Aluminum foil is harmful to human body? Lab report to verify

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Aluminum foil paper is harm to human body? The question has bothered a lot of people.
Since a long time, people don't think aluminum is a kind of poisonous and harmful to human body metal, but just like iron, is human body must trace elements, so in the nineties basic families use aluminum skin toothpaste, life often can see aluminum kettle, basin, pot, etc.
Until the progress of science and technology, scientists are beginning to delve into the essential elements, finally found that the aluminum is not necessary for human body trace element, and if exposed to too much, lead to aluminum for a long time, a large number of enter human body, human health will also damage, cause bones and nervous system disorders. Food safety risk assessment experts XiaoJing introduction, when the human body excessive intake of aluminium, the discharge is very slow, will fill in the human body each organ.
About our daily life may intake of aluminium, the most common is easily from those look bitter fleabane bitter fleabane, "fat" bloated food, such as a child likes to eat puffed cookies, such as one of the most common steamed buns, dumplings, Fried cake, etc. Because the foam used to these food additives, alum, baking powder, that is, as we know, containing aluminum components. To this end, who make provision: aluminum content in drinking water shall not be higher than 0.2 mg L1. In 1994, our country also puts forward the surface system of food hygiene standard of set limit to of aluminum (100 mg or less kg - 1), and for the first time in 2006 to aluminum as a drinking water control indicators. Now, are commonly used to foam the bulk agent such as steamed bread baking powder is also improved, no longer add alum, but the focal dihydrogen phosphate disodium, gluconic acid lactone, etc.
Back to the beginning of the article we have together, isn't with aluminum foil, can give a person affect health? First of all, let's see what is the aluminum foil. Aluminum foil is directly with aluminium rolling into a thin metal film, packaging is aluminum foil and aluminum foil composite material made with various materials. In recent years, more and more used in the aluminum foil composite material cooking food, chocolate, grilled fish meat and airline food packaging, to this, some worry that the aluminum foil used for packing food, used for heating, there will be a aluminum element analysis, positively harmful to people, also some people say that worry is redundant, since harmful, why is the aluminum foil is used so widely? Including milk powder, chocolate, barbecue and other manufacturers and merchants are using aluminum foil, regardless of the state administration of quality supervision inspection center?
In the face of many netizens question, then, hui industry network is not much any of that crap, directly out of the strongest evidence: shenyang agricultural college food institute dedicated to the aluminum foil packing done experiment report, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.
Experimental samples: from large supermarkets and small markets buy 10 brands of aluminum foil, labeled 1 ~ 10 respectively.
Experimental methods: will the quality of different aluminum foil, under the condition of different immersion simulation analysis in food and spice simulation chinalco's dissolution laws.
Three, the experimental results: random sampling of 10 commercial aluminum foil there was some difference of the quality of the brand, the main problem is the heavy metal content exceeds bid; As the extension of soaking time, soaking temperature increases, the aluminum foil in the food and flavoring simulation liquid dissolubility chinalco appeared different degree increase; Three kinds of food in the simulation of fluid, acetic acid affects the quantity of aluminium dissolution, the largest ethanol times, minimum the influence of water; Different quality has significant difference between concentration of spice simulation; Under the condition of the same simulation of fluid and soak, inferior dissolubility aluminum foil aluminum significantly higher than the high quality aluminum foil.
Four, suggestion: to protect people healthy, advised consumers to choose high quality aluminum foil, in use process reduce its application in the acidic food production, especially should avoid to use under the condition of high temperature for a long time.
Stipulated in accordance with the national standard of refined aluminum foil: refined with aluminum foil for food packing, the aluminum foil in the toxic elements shall meet the following requirements: lead: no more than 0.01%, cadmium: no greater than 0.01%, the arsenic: no more than 0.01%. Therefore, used for barbecue, food packaging, such as high-quality aluminum foil is the best choice, and the lead should comply with the regulations of the national standard.