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Aluminum foil have what purpose: to build practical and gorg

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Aluminum foil have what purpose: to build practical and gorgeous packaging life

The purpose of the aluminum foil is very broad, such as aviation food packaging, ordinary meat packaging, cable foil, building insulation materials and so on. The developed countries in Europe and the us used to wrap aluminum foil products accounted for 70% of total demand. Today, the aluminum foil in the Chinese market is developing rapidly, in our daily life more and more people can see the figure of the aluminum foil. So what is the aluminum foil? Aluminum foil again have what use? Aluminum foil have what good, us how suddenly appeared so many made of aluminum foil? Next, hui industry net belt together near the aluminum foil, aluminum foil.
In this issue we see together foil the ground side - sumptuous and practical of the aluminum foil packing.
These are The Times of packaging, the need for "packaging", is not only the vast majority of is going to ready for sale of goods, even the stars out through a "packaging" meticulously, from talking, action, makeup, hair, wear, etc., to create a full image.
For general merchandise, packaging is to moistureproof prevent wet gas leak proof, also can make goods or articles look more beautiful, more attractive, beautiful and quality, and to promote the image of goods outside the health goods, shelf life and so on also plays an important role. Now, in our daily life common packaging generally have cartons, plastic bags, woven bags, aluminum foil flexible packaging, etc., in so many packaging, aluminum foil have features make it more and more widely used in the packaging area, gradually become the shining star of packaging industry.
The characteristics of the aluminum foil packing
Aluminum foil is the 99.0% - 99.7% purity aluminium, after many calender made, the soft metal film, not only moistureproof, airtight, shading, but also has the advantages of incense, avirulent insipidity, this has the advantage of the existing unmatched by any other packaging materials. This is aluminum foil practical side, it's gorgeous side is embodied in its luster with elegant silvery white, people can give full play to the imagination, in the above characteristic to print out, the beauty of the colorful patterns and decorative pattern.
It is because the super practical and colorful, the aluminum foil packing is more and more get the favour of people, the market space is infinite.
The advantages of aluminum foil, aluminum foil with shiny metal luster, adornment sex is strong. Non-toxic, tasteless, odourless. Is relatively light weight, only one-third of iron, copper and so on, rich extensibility, thin thickness, weight per unit area small; Shading sex good, reflective rate can reach 95%; Highly protective, make packing materials susceptible to bacteria, fungi and insects; In the state of high temperature and low temperature stability, temperature 73 ~ 371 ℃ when shrinkage deformation does not go up; Barrier property is wonderful, moistureproof, airtight, incense, can prevent the packing contents of moisture absorption and oxidation and volatilization metamorphism, its wet resistance, the resistance of oxygen. Aluminum foil is easy to be processed, with all kinds of plastic film, paper composite, etc.
Weakness: the strength of the aluminum foil is low, easy to tear, can't separate for packaging products. Easy to fracture when folding, produce hole, not resistant to acid and alkali.
Thickness, um
Water vapor transmittance,
G/m2.24 h
Oxygen transmittance,
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The transmittance of different thickness of the aluminum foil
The aluminum foil packing a brief history of
After 100 years of history development, in the wave of technological revolution, driven by the aluminum foil packing has finally completed the transformation from aristocratic packing to civilians.
Scarcity value, the beginning of the 20th century, due to the technology of aluminium, aluminium foil production is extremely scarce, aluminum foil and it stands to reason became the most expensive packaging materials, used only for high-grade packaging, popular in the aristocracy, most ordinary people do not know the aluminum foil was. In 1911, the Swiss candy company take a fancy to the aluminum foil, and make a decision: replacing the original packaging foil the chocolate with aluminum foil. Brave change of Swiss candy company, make the aluminum foil packing emergence in the world, its superior performance is increasingly attracting the attention of the world.
After twenty or thirty years, the development of the aluminum foil packing has been relatively stable, until world war ii, the aluminum foil packing on a fast track. At the time, with good barrier property and extensibility, aluminum foil as the military packaging material conquered the governments and the military, is able to rapid development.
To the 50 s of the last century, aluminum paper, lu: su composite materials began to appear, the practicability of the aluminum foil got further development. In the 70 s, the aluminum foil packing for it "career" a gorgeous turn - color printing technology matures, make aluminum foil appearance is dazzing, eye-catching. Aluminum foil and rapid development, lu: su composite packaging development again came to the wider in ordinary life, entered the stage of popularization.
Entering the 21st century, the popularity of the aluminum foil packing presents the trend of market competition, also to a certain extent, to stimulate the upgrading of the aluminum foil packing material. The first generation of aluminum foil composite paper is made of 0.06 mm aluminum foil and paper tape, the second generation of film paper, is through the PET or OPP film after spraying aluminum and paper laminating, the third generation of vacuum aluminum plating paper, also is the latest generation of products, the biggest advantage is the aluminum layer than in the past is very thin, only 6.5-7 microns, and environmental protection, the security level is high, wide application scope.
Let us turn attention to domestic. As early as in 1932, our country has been the first rolling aluminum foil factory, China aluminum aluminium factory, the factory is a wholly foreign owned enterprise, become China's state-owned enterprises, in 1960 changed its name to "aluminium on aluminium factory" after their fast, it took just half a year time, great changes have taken place, aluminum foil, aluminum plate, aluminum with an average monthly output growth of 414.4%, the average monthly output growth of 385.4%, labor productivity growth of 248.2%, and exports in 1961 aluminum foil.
After 30 years, China's aluminium foil industry in big development period, the first 20 years for aluminum foil industry laid the foundation for steady high-speed development of modernization, the stage is to catch up with the world's advanced level of 10 years. Today, China has become a primary aluminum foil industry power.
The aluminum foil packing in life
After fully annealing and soft after rolling aluminum foil, material is qualitative soft, good sealing, barrier property, packing in modern society, almost all the requirements strictly not pervious to light, high cut off products, are packed in composite material of aluminum foil.
Such as our daily drink the milk of a rectangular box packaging, this is a kind of aluminum foil composite materials of aseptic package; Such as cigarette box, besides shining shell is aluminum foil composite materials, there is also a piece of aluminum foil paper, used to keep the aroma of tobacco; And chicken essence, absorbing ice, such as food packaging, is also a kind of aluminum foil composite material made of soft package... Below we comb our lives some of the common aluminum foil packing and aluminum foil composite materials.
1, lu: su composite tank material, in addition to suitable for machine oil, frozen food, food of high quality packaging materials such as altogether. By the compound aluminum foil and plastic film, kraft paper, board, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, and can be used for recycling.
2, aluminum-plastic composite membrane, such as food, chemical, military packaging in the field of application is very wide, said in front of the milk and thus a sterile package, is made up of aluminum foil with high strength, plastic film can be heat sealed compound and into, have cut off, mechanics and heat sealing performance.
3, lu: su composite hoses. I'm sure you can think of toothpaste at the sight of the hose, ointment, cosmetics, here, hui industry small make up to solemnly declare: all right! Lu: su composite hoses, is mainly used for paste, product packaging, has good isolation, not easily broken, the advantages of clean and beautiful. A set of data show that the developed countries such as Europe and the United States, more than 90% of the toothpaste are packed in lu: su composite hose, but at present our country adopt the packing ratio is still very low, development space is very big.
6, wine packaging. Many people know about wine, but many people do not know exactly which part is the aluminum foil on the bottles. Well, by the way, the aluminum foil on the bottles is wrapped in a bottle neck and jaws that piece of thin wrinkled of wine. Due to the aluminum foil has good ductility, tensile properties and the characteristics of the printing, with beer and health standards in recent years, aluminum foil sealing wine gradually widely used in beer, wine, and advanced the bottleneck of soy sauce, bottle mouth sealed packaging.
7, foil. This is very common, I'm sure you are a risk, even if you don't have a cold, my family has a cold, that you must have seen that a plate of plastic plate of pills, want to take the pills out, have to put the medicine foil torn. Well, here, also don't understand don't blame me.
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, generally, mainly including water, injection of easy open type cap and medicinal inhibits PTP aluminum foil (seal on the plastic plate sealing materials), with non-toxic, corrosion resistance, permeability resistance, heat resistance, moisture, light, can be high temperature sterilization, etc. And inhibits PTP aluminum foil moisture-proof, easy to carry, safety and health, in the international pharmaceutical industry application is very broad. In recent years, on the one hand, because of fast development of medical market, inhibits PTP aluminum foil application in pharmaceutical packaging ratio has been mentioned, medicine foil market also corresponding rapid development, medicine foil compound growth rate is expected to more than 20%.
8, household aluminum foil. This is much more common, can travel package that occupy the home, the home can use it to pack food in a microwave oven heating, can also be used to travel camping barbecue. Due to the aluminum foil can be directly on the fire on steaming roast, uniform heat from inside and outside of food baking JiaoCheng carbon, also can keep the original flavor of food and beautiful luster. Suitable for cooking, freezing, parcels, baking, etc, are expected to demand will reach 220000 tons in 2015.