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Aluminum alloy extrusion ratio and deformation degree of rel

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Extrusion ratio extrusionratio refers to in the production of aluminum extrusion is used to represent the size of the deformation parameters of aluminum alloy, also called extrusion coefficient and its calculation formula = extrusion products in front of the total cross sectional area was/total cross sectional area was after extrusion products. Therefore, extrusion ratio and the deformation degree has the following:
1, when other things being equal, when the extrusion ratio increases, the metal flow will increase the difficulty of die hole degree, extrusion pressure also increased.
2, when the other conditions at the same time, the increase of extrusion ratio, extrusion of the outer metal ingot billet increased flow resistance is to die, so make internal and external metal flow velocity difference increases, uneven deformation.
3, after the extrusion ratio increases to a certain extent, shearing deformation into the interior, deformation began to uniform direction. Studies have demonstrated that when extrusion deformation degree. Reach 85% ~ 90%, the uniform extrusion metal flow, mechanical properties of the products inside and outside layer, tend to be uniform. Kind of choice and alloy extrusion ratio, extrusion method, product performance, extrusion machine, extrusion cylinder diameter and length of ingot factors.
If the value is chosen too large, squeeze the opportunity due to excessive extrusion "stuffy car", make the extrusion process can not be normal, even damage the tool, affect productivity.
If the value is chosen too small, the ability of extrusion equipment cannot be fully used, is unfavorable to obtain uniform microstructure and property of products.
Extrusion than general shall meet the following requirements:
1. An extrusion rods, profiles: 8 a 12
2. Rolling, drawing, and forging blank: 5
3. Any secondary extrusion with blank