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Aluminum Diamond Plate and Its Future Prospect

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1. Introduction of Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum diamond plate, also known as
tread plate, checker plate, etc. With a surface of certain patterns (1-bar, 2-bar 3-bar, 4-bar and 5-bar) on one side, aluminum diamond plate has varieties of shapes as well, such as willow-alike and bean-alike. At the beginning, people use tread plate mainly made of iron or steel, but they had many shortcomings. For example, they are too heavy to carry or transport and easy to get rusty. Later people discovered that aluminum can also be processed as diamond plate, and it is lighter in weight and can satisfy people’s need from many aspects. However, other products made of aluminum are discovered one after the other. Nowadays, lots of manufactures from China are engaged in aluminum deep processing with high quality products, including haomei Aluminum

2. Properties and Applications of Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum diamond plate has high strength, good weldbility and resistance to correction, so it is highly suitable for manufacturing anti-slip floor, staircase, boat deck, etc. What’s more, aluminum checker plate is easy to clean with high brightness, so it can also be vastly used in construction filed, especially for interior decoration. Aluminum diamond plate of Mingtai Al. mainly includes 1xxx, 3xxx, and 5xxx series. Among these, the most common alloy is 3003, 5052 and 6061. The thickness is from 0.8mm to 7.0mm, width range is 100mm-2600mm, and length is from 500mm-16000mm. Besides, we can manufacture uncommon specifications at customers’ need. Moreover, all of our aluminum diamond plate live up to national standards, such as AMS and JIS. So quality can be guaranteed.

3. Future Development of Aluminum Diamond Plate

The Diamond Plate literally is a decorative Diamond Plate. Aluminum Diamond Plate appearance more beautiful, has the advantages of antiskid and save steel plate by a lot of people like it. It just like composite pipe, can be seen everywhere in our daily life, the application field is very wide. Below small make up will tell everyone about the characteristics of the Aluminum Diamond Plate


The Diamond Plate  price level


Manufacturer of decorative pattern plateAluminum Diamond Plate on the market at present is very much, competition also is relatively large, so the Aluminum Diamond Plate is not very expensive. Decorative Aluminum Diamond Plate price is calculate by kg, according to the price on the market, decorative pattern plate offer is in 15 yuan/kg. That price is moderate, and many companies still acceptable.


Factors that affect the Aluminum Diamond Plate price


(1) the Aluminum Diamond Plate  depends on what is the price of the decorative pattern, the pattern can be divided into: highly decorative pattern much, decorative pattern, the pattern difference, therefore, different decorative pattern plate price is not the same;


(2) decorative Aluminum Diamond Plate thickness is also an important factor to influence prices.


TheAluminum Diamond Platesurface quality is divided into two levels


Normal precision: allow plate surface has a thin layer of iron oxide, rust, due to the rough surface which is formed by the oxidation of iron loss and height or depth more than other local defects of allowable deviation. Decorative pattern is not obvious on the burrs and height shall not exceed the grain high individual traces. The most large area of no more than a single defect lines long square.


High accuracy: allow plate surface has a thin layer of iron oxide, rust and height or depth of no more than half the thickness tolerance of other local defects.


Conclusion: through the small make up detailed introduction of the Aluminum Diamond Plate, relative understanding of pattern plate has more. Checkered plate in our daily life is often see the decorative pattern of plate if use of good, not only can save material, the most main is can make it beautiful. Another important reason is that the pattern plate price is not expensive, is moderate, so this is why by many companies like to.


With the development of economy, the improvement of people's living standard and the progress of science and technology, decorative Aluminum Diamond Plate in architectural decoration, light industrial products and food, and other fields has been widely used in the kitchen.