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Aluminum Alloy plate for Building Construction

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Aluminum Alloy plate is the primary material for budding and construction; the good properties of Aluminum alloy for building construction has excellent properties like durability and corrosion resistance are superior to concrete or steel-reinforced constructions. Furthermore, the weight of aluminum alloy for construction is extremely less that other metals.

can be found in 5000 series and 6000 series alloy. 5000 series of aluminum alloy plate  like 5005,5042,5052,5083, 5086, 5754, 5182, and 5251 are widely used in roofing, wall panels and etc. 5000 series of aluminum alloy mainly includes 6061 6063 6082 6015 6A02. All the above aluminum allows is available for haomei Aluminum.

Nowadays, Aluminum alloy is widely used form skyscraper to domestic dwelling. But the history or aluminum alloy application is uneven. Before 20th century, aluminum was rare and expensive; few people would use these as decorative material. Then, with the increasingly development of aluminum manufacturing industries, aluminum alloy is gradually adopt in decorating detailing like windows spandrels, ornamental trim, roofing as well as curtain walls of the construction. Aluminum alloy for building construction are mainly used in interior structures and exterior surfaces of building. For example, widows with aluminum frame are popular in middle century, which is more light but as strength as steel. And aluminum alloy for construction is easily to support the weight of glass. For aluminum curtain wall, aluminum alloy is also the primary choice.

Aluminum alloy for building construction is a strengthened aluminum alloy which can provide corrosion resistance, flexibility, high strength, low weigh as well as decorative in constructions.

Unlike concrete structure buildings, aluminum alloy for building construction requires no cure time or maintenance in a short time. There are many good performance can be found in Aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy is one of the recycle materials in the world, which can be remelted for several times. Aluminum construction buildings gains environmental friendly and economical benefits for a long time.