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Advantages of Medicinal Aluminum Foil Blister Packaging ma

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Aluminum foil has become an important part of pharmaceutical packaging. has become widely used in the international new drug packaging, the main use of pharmaceutical capsules, tablets and other blister packaging and powder particles, water bag-like packaging. 
Aluminum foil packaging can control the dose, regardless of the disease according to their own or according to doctor's advice, aluminum blister packaging can provide accurate dose. Because the drugs for the temperature and humidity requirements are very strict and easy to break, aluminum foil blister can protect from long-distance transport and long-term storage process adverse factors. Aluminum foil blisters can be used for packaging tablets and capsules, and blister packs for pills are also known as PTP foil.

Medical packaging aluminum foil with , the state to H18 and O-based, Henan Haomei Aluminum production of pharmaceutical aluminum foil is the use of more than 99% purity of electrolytic aluminum produced by rolling, it is non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent Conductive and shading properties, a high moisture resistance, gas barrier and flavor. Aluminum foil has a highly dense metal crystal structure, it can completely block any gas, water vapor and light, which can most effectively protect the drug
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