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Advantages of Haomei Aluminum Industry Tap Foil Products man

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are indispensable to every household, in the basic necessities of life; aluminum foil is made into lunch boxes, medicine foil, and bottle cover materials and so on. Aluminum foil in the senior product tape foil is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners, automobiles, petrochemicals, bridges, hotels, electronics and other industries. Aluminum foil tape can also be used for all kinds of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDA, PDP, LED monitors, notebook computers, copiers and other electronic products within the electromagnetic shielding of the place.
Why is the performance of tape foil so strong? That is because aluminum foils tape with high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, good viscosity, strong adhesion, and anti-aging effect. So that its thermal insulation performance greatly improved. Aluminum foil tape with all the aluminum foil composite material paste, insulation nail puncture at the seal and damage repair, that is, refrigerator, freezer production plant of the main raw and auxiliary materials, but also insulation materials distribution sector must purchase raw materials.

Haomei Aluminum, as the leading domestic , has the leading domestic technology, with semi-continuous casting production line 6, continuous casting and rolling production line 10, cold rolling mill 7, foil rolling mill 10 straight cleaning machine, flying shear machine, cutting machine, thick foil cutting, slitting, (1 +4) hot rolling production lines and other equipment. And the commonaluminum foil includes 1235 aluminum foil and , which has obvious advantages:
1, moisture, airtight, shading, abrasion resistance, fragrance, non-toxic and tasteless, and other advantages;
2, there are elegant silver white luster, easy to process a variety of colors of the beautiful patterns and patterns;
3, aluminum foil and plastic and paper composite, the aluminum foil shielding and paper strength, plastic heat sealing properties, and further improve the aluminum foil tape as a packaging material necessary for water vapor, air, ultraviolet and bacteria, etc. shielding performance.