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7075 aluminum board on the use of aircraft wall panels manuf

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7075 Aluminum Al-Zn-Mg-Cu is a super high-strength aluminum alloy, which was used in aircraft manufacturing in the 1940s and is now widely available in the aerospace industry Applications. The plane is made of

Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super-hard aluminum with 7075 aluminum plate, the plasticity after solution treatment is very good, the heat treatment strengthening effect is particularly good, the high strength is below 150 鈩, and there is particularly good low temperature strength, there are Stress corrosion cracking tendency; need to be covered by aluminum or other protective treatment. Two - stage aging can improve the ability of alloy to resist stress corrosion cracking. Aircraft saddle with 7075 aviation aluminum these characteristics and advantages of the aircraft is required by the wall.
Henan Haomei Aluminum as a good , the production of 7A09 aviation aluminum two-stage aging can improve the ability of alloy anti-stress corrosion cracking, static fatigue gap sensitive, in the aircraft manufacturing and aviation industry is a good choice.