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7050 aluminum alloy friction s

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7050 aluminum alloy is a kind of heat treatment strengthening of hard aluminum alloy materials, smelting, convenient and good formability, good comprehensive performance. Because of the aluminum alloy welding seam often, biting edge defects such as blowholes, cracks, especially for the strengthening of super-high strength aluminum alloy heat treatment, the welding weldability worse, appear easily hot crack, seriously hindered the application of 7050 aluminum alloy in industry. Friction stir welding (FSW) as a kind of high efficiency, high quality, environmental protection, low cost of new methods for 7 XXX series high strength aluminum alloy welding welding can be very good. This article selects 8 mm single channel of 7050 - T7451 aluminum alloy plate butt joint friction stir welding experiment, and the organization of joint and mechanical properties are analyzed.
Welding test materials 7075 - T7451 aluminum alloy for 8 mm thick, stirring head materials used H13 hot-work die steel. Chemical etching liquid is 15 MLHCL + 1 MLHF mlHNO3 + 2.5 + 95 mlh2o; Organizational characteristics observed under microscope OptelicsTMS130 welded area; The CSS - 44100 tensile testing electronic universal testing machine; On the HX - 1000 micro hardness tester hardness measurement.
Experimental results analysis: welding area in continuous dynamic recrystallization form small equiaxial crystal; Engine affected zone under the action of mechanical force and thermal cycling in the arc shape organizations; The organization of heat affected zone, grain coarsening. When the rotating speed of 375 r/min, the welding speed is 100 mm/min, the joint tensile strength, the highest can reach 88.6% of the parent metal. "W" shape weld hardness distribution, the minimum basic appeared on the back side of the engine affected zone and the transition of heat affected zone.