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6063 aluminum sheet for electric fuel pump aluminum manufacu

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In the automotive structural parts, the oil pump is a fine processing and complex manufacturing process components. Modern cars use a variety of fuel injection systems, they are also different ways of supplying oil, but must be equipped with electric fuel pump. Its main task is to provide a sufficient fuel system and a certain pressure of fuel.
The produced by Haomei is a heat treated aluminum alloy. With medium strength, good corrosion resistance and no stress corrosion cracking tendency, it can be used as electric fuel pump material. In all electric fuel pump materials, the use of aluminum alloy fuel pump weight is the lightest, and very consistent with the current trend of lightweight car.

6063 aluminum sheet has good plasticity, easy processing and molding, and it can well meet the requirements of the complex shape of the oil pump. Haomei in the production process pays great attention to the quality of products, to ensure that the alloy after heat treatment still has good performance. In addition, produced 6063 aluminum sheet has flat surface, no burr, pyramid, oil and bright line defect.