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6061 aluminum plate is used for fender of car wheel manufac

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With the steady growth of car ownership, the world’s energy crisis and environmental pollution problem has caught the attention of more people; car manufactures have to limit to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions as one of the important objectives of the development of automobile.Lightweight car body is an effective way to achieve this goal, and an important means of lightweight car body is the use of lightweight materials in automobile. In one of the few lightweight materials, aluminum alloy, with its unique performance advantages more and more get the favor of people. 

Car fender can use , plate leaves (fender) refers to the motor vehicles and non-motor vehicle car a covering parts (at the top of the wheel is a little protruding, semi-circular piece), and covering parts, as the name implies, cover the outside of the motor vehicle and non-motor vehicle car shell. It conforms to the fluid mechanics, reduce the wind resistance coefficient, let the car running more smoothly.
Car fender plate material has a strict demand for climate ageing resistance and good process ability. At present a lot of car use aluminum front fender to make it have certain buffer, more secure. Properties of 6061 aluminum alloy completely accords with the requirement of fender, aluminum alloy corrosion resistant performance is good, excellent processing performance and welding performance, mechanical performance is stable, automobile wheel hub buffer performance is better, the car more secure.
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