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5 Series Aluminum Alloy plate Application in The Field of Au

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Aluminum alloy plate 5 series is also called magnesium aluminum alloy, 5 series aluminum takes up a bigger portion in the field of automobile. The magnesium in aluminum alloy plate  5 series occupies 6% of its overall quality. It can drop the hardness and strength of the products effectively, and then make the products easier to process. 5 series alloy's hardness is greater than 3 series alloy and with high plasticity, has the a very strong corrosion resistance, especially in the water or marine atmospheric environment, its corrosion resistance is far better than the other alloys.

5 series aluminium alloy plate is the alloy that haomei  applied in the field of rail transit, the main alloy are 5005, 5042, 5052, 5083, 5086, 5754, 5086, and 5754. Products are mainly applied to rail track, transportation vehicles, ships, automobiles, building decoration, electronic appliances and other fields.

Automotive lightweighting is the development of the modern automobile industry technology, in 2013, relying on excellent product quality and strong company strength, MingTai cooperate with CSR Qingdao SiFang company cooperation, implemented the project of rail transit vehicles and aluminum, and launched a comprehensive cooperation with the CSR company in the field of sheet applied in rail transit, large cross section aluminum, welding in rail transit train carriages, and building repair base construction of rail transit passenger equipment.

haomei aluminum will take this opportunity to strive further adjust the product structure, develop the energy conservation and environmental protection material, to realize the transformation and upgrading steadily.