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5083 O Aluminum Plate/sheet For Tank Car And Boxcar

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5083 aluminum plate is the main alloy used for tank car, and high quality 5083 aluminum sheet is insurance for the safety of transportation. Tank is the core of tank car industry, and tank car material is the main reference factor when selecting high quality tank cars. The quality of 5083 aluminum sheet as tank car material has differences, and this will infect the purchase of tank cars. The selecting of high quality tank car material can express the comprehensive strength of the tank car manufacturers. At the same time, this will improve the safety of transportation and save lives in some ways.

At present, the tank car in domestic usually adopt 5083 aluminum sheet with length within 12.5 m, width within 2.2 m, and the thickness are usually 5 mm, 6 mm, as well as 8 mm. A complete tank body needs 4 to 6 pieces 5083 aluminum sheet. What’s more, the most important tank body adopts 5083-H111 aluminum sheet, and the tank lid on both sides adopts 5083-O aluminum sheet. O temper is softer, and tank lid need to curve, so the clapboard also adopts 5083-O aluminum sheet. However, there are still some manufacturers that use 5454 aluminum sheet with H111 temper to produce tank car body. haomei Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. can also provide this kind.