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4* * * alloy aluminum plate Characteristics

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Characteristics of 4 * * * alloy aluminum plate

4 * * * series aluminium alloy with Si as main alloying elements in aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy belongs to most of its non heat treatable alloy plate, only containing Cu, Mg and Ni aluminum alloy, welding and heat treatment strengthening alloy absorbs some elements, can be enhanced by heat treatment. The Department of the aluminium alloy with high Si content, low melting point solution, good fluidity, easy feeding, and won't make the final product brittleness. Therefore mainly used for welding materials such as adding alloy, brazing sheet, rod and wire etc.. In addition, due to the wear resistance and high temperature performance of some of the aluminum alloy plate, it is also used in the manufacture of piston and heat resistant parts. Containing about Si5% aluminum alloy, anodized colored LCAHR black gray, so it is suitable for building materials and decorative parts manufacturing.

Main alloying and impurity elements and their effects

Si:Si is the main component of the alloy aluminum alloy, the lowest content is 4.5%, the maximum can reach 13.5%. Si in the alloy is mainly in the form of alpha + Si and beta (Al5FeSi), the content of Si increases, the increase of the eutectic crystal, the fluidity of the alloy solution increases, and the strength and wear resistance of the alloy aluminum plate also increases.

Ni and Fe:Ni and Fe can form insoluble aluminum intermetallic compounds, can improve the high temperature strength and hardness of the alloy aluminum plate, but does not reduce the coefficient of linear expansion.

Cu and Mg:Cu and Mg can generate Si Cu, Al2 S and Mg2 phases, and improve the strength of the alloy sheet.

Cr and Ti:Cr and Ti can refine grain and improve the air tightness of the alloy sheet.