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2 series of hardened aluminum plate production aircraft land

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Modern economic development is fast, people not only pay attention to the basic necessities of life, to maintain a happy mood is also very important. People will choose to go out to play, travel abroad has become a way to relax the mood, and travel abroad is the necessary means of transport aircraft.
2 series of hardened aluminum plate production aircraft land

Since the invention of the Wright brothers, the aircraft has become an indispensable means of transport for modern civilization. It profoundly changed and influenced people's lives opened the people to conquer blue sky history.
Aircraft reclamation gear is an important component of the aircraft. The landing gear is an accessory device for the lower part of the aircraft used to take off the landing or to support the aircraft on the ground (water) when sliding. The landing gear is the only part that supports the whole plane, so it is an integral part of the airplane; without it, the plane cannot move on the ground.
Aircraft landing gear can choose 2 series aluminum alloy plate production,  2A14 aluminum plate, and other super-hard aluminum plate, made of aluminum alloy plate  landing gear has a good anti-corrosion properties, aluminum alloy surface oxidation layer of protective film, can be effective to avoid the aircraft landing gear in high altitude flight of atmospheric corrosion, thereby extending the use of landing gear time; aluminum easy to shape processing, the use of aluminum alloy to reduce the waste of materials and reduce costs.

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