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1 series of common use (pure aluminum)

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1 series of common use (pure aluminum)

Whether pure aluminum or alloy panels are collectively referred to as aluminum, many users do not know exactly how different grades of aluminum plate in the end what is the difference between. With pure aluminum for example, even more than 99% of the aluminum content, but because of minor differences, aluminum content of smelting and casting process are different, different forging times, different heat treatment process and other factors, its performance is not a small difference, so the use of aluminum of different grades are different. The following describes the use of a series (pure aluminum):

1050 aluminum plate food, chemical and industrial use of extrusion coil, a variety of hose, fireworks powder.

1060 Aluminum Plate requires corrosion resistance and high formability of the occasion, but the strength of the requirements is not high, chemical equipment is its typical use, such as the common thermal insulation aluminum coil, aluminum coil.

1100 aluminum plate used for processing requires good formability and high corrosion resistance but is not required to have high strength parts, such as chemical products, food industry device and storage containers, sheet processing, deep drawing or spinning concave ware, welding parts, heat exchanger, printing plate, nameplate, reflective instruments.

1145 aluminum plate is suitable for packaging and insulation of aluminum foil, heat exchanger.

1199 aluminum plate is used as electrolytic capacitor foil.

1350 aluminum plate used as wire, conductive wire, bus, transformer strip.

Several brands of aluminum plate is the most common in the market, its chemical and mechanical properties follow the international standard, its performance basically reached the lower and upper limit of pure aluminum. If the performance of the aluminum plate has higher requirements, it is required to contribute to the alloy sheet, and the next time we do introduce.