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1060 Aluminum and 5052 aluminum plate difference

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1060 Aluminum and 5052 aluminum plate difference?

1060 Aluminum and 5052 aluminum plate is the most popular, the most commonly used two kinds of aluminum, in many areas, two models can be generic, but also so many people mistakenly think that the performance of the two models are similar. In fact, both the chemical composition and mechanical properties, both of which are very far away, the price gap is also quite different.

1060 Aluminum Sheet

1060 Aluminum plate, commonly known as pure aluminum, is the most representative of the 1 series of aluminum plate. The aluminum content of the 1060 Aluminum plate is 99.6%, the other element is 0.4%, and the grade of the aluminum sheet is also. 1060 Aluminum production process is relatively simple, mature technology, compared to other aluminum alloy, 1060 Aluminum plate in the price of the most advantage, its application time is the longest, the most extensive range.

1060 Aluminum plate has the advantages of high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, are widely used in the requirement on the strength of the industry; but as a pure aluminum 1060 Aluminum plate, low hardness, poor cutting performance, can not be improved by heat treatment. These disadvantages limit the application of 1060 Aluminum plate.

5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum plate is pure aluminum and magnesium alloy formed by a certain amount of magnesium, aluminum content is about 96%, magnesium content in the 2.2%-2.8%, and the rest for other elements, such as silicon, copper, iron, etc.. Excellent performance of aluminum and magnesium alloy, the industry is regarded as the most promising of the aluminum alloy, in the high-tech field of application is particularly wide.

5052 aluminum plate is representative of 5 series aluminum alloy, with high strength, anti fatigue performance is excellent, the ductility and high corrosion resistance, good welding performance, can strengthen the cold treatment, the application in the field of high-tech, complex environment, aerospace fields, such as auto parts, shipbuilding, aircraft fuel tank tubing etc..