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8021 aluminum foil for making cold forming foil

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8021 aluminum foil for making cold forming foil
Aluminum foil is a metal aluminum directly rolled into sheets of hot stamping material, the effect of stamping and silver foil stamping similar effects, it is also called the false sliver foil. 8021 aluminum foil as one of the 8 series aluminum foil, aluminum foil used in food packaging is one of the most commonly used alloy products, and its good alloy properties are not divided. The high performance foil 8021 is made of pure aluminum based alloy with the addition of alloying elements tempered, typically between 0.018 and 20 mm thick.
The highlights of 8021 aluminum foil:
1,Excellent sealing, plasticity, corrosion resistance;
2,Beautiful appearance, high gloss;
3,High mechanical and anti explosion ability;
4,Strong moisture resistance.

the specification of 8021 aluminum foil:
8021 aluminum foil
The application of 8021 aluminum foil:
Aluminum foil after the application of a wide range of applications, such as beer label, cable, pharmaceutical packaging, household foil food packaging, bottle cap, heat sealing foil, etc., in daily life can be seen everywhere. Especially the processing of aluminum foil and paper composite packaging, to further improve the performance of 8 aluminum foil, aluminum foil has widened the application market, especially the outer packaging in recent year popular cooking food, this composite material praised by everyone. 8021 aluminum foil in food packaging is mainly used in the kitchen cooking, carrying food, or used to make some simple cleaning materials, both sides can wrap food.
As one of the key products of haomei , 8021 aluminum foil in the process of production by bacteria, mold and so on many tests, the content of heavy metals shall not be more than zero point two five millions of points, guarantee to produce finished products non-toxic tasteless, safety and health, so the 8021 aluminum foil is often used as medicinal aluminum foil, aluminum foil packing. In addition, in 8021 and 8021 aluminum foil is similar, are to have good humidity-proof property, shading, and extremely high blocking ability, foil can be used as a battery, battery soft package foil production.

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